Week 9 – Substitution

We have been using substitution with great effect for some time now. It is not possible to hold both good and bad thoughts in mind at the same time. This gives us the option to see a bad thought or opinion coming and substitute it with a positive.

From Part Nine of The Master Key it is said;

  • Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort. If you are timid, vacillating, self-conscious, or if you are over-anxious or harassed by thoughts of fear or impending danger, remember that is axiomatic that ‘two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time.’
Taking control of our thoughts will allow us to control our character and this is where we can grow in whatever way we require. Knowing that we are in control is a good start but seeing the new thoughts making a new you is even better. Further on in Part Nine it is said;
  • The positive thought will destroy the negative as certainly as light destroys darkness, and the results will be just as effectual.
We have been working on a 7 day mental diet as part of our course within the MKMMA. This is something that anyone can do and it really helps you keep your thoughts in check and become an observer. I will post a link to this diet sometime in the future when I know how to as it would benefit everyone to at least read the document and those who choose to embark on the diet will gain massively.
One quick note on embarking on a course of substituting thoughts, the payoff is great so it seems reasonable that the effort required will also be great. This is predominantly in the early stages and as time goes on it does become easier and more natural. A good start is to limit the rubbish being thrown at you by those who are addicted to bad news. This will mean shutting down a lot of Facebook and definitely not watching the news on TV or reading the papers. Become the observer and recognise why these sources feed on the negative addictions then you can put them to one side. Definitely don’t get involved in sharing posts which propagate hate, fear and political propaganda otherwise you are part of the problem not the solution.
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4 thoughts on “Week 9 – Substitution

  1. Art Burleigh

    I agree with your insights, Steve. And I find iit rather powerful to be more of an observer than a anxious participant who reacts too impulsively (which can be embarrassing at times). And that power of coming from a more positive posture elevates your perceptions and opens up new options, I’m finding. Sounds like that’s happening for you too. Bravo on your progress! 🙂

  2. HitomiMasterkey

    I have highlighted the same quotes from the master key, and they become one of my dalily affirmations as well… thank you for sharing the wonderful progress, i suppose so many others would like to know as well !!! blessings

  3. masterkeyloucas

    Great Blog Steve, you are absolutely spot on only a clear mind can make the connection with the Universal Mind, the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Enjoy the journey. Love to all.

  4. Claes Wallenberg (@MKMMAClaes)

    Great post, Steve, and some good observations – funny how people don´t ask themselves why the stuff on TV is called “programs”, isn´t it!
    Just stay away from that stuff and insist on Your own reality – way to go, man!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!


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