Week 7 – Visualisation

This week our meditation has moved on to visualising our future selves. I have gained a lot from this as I was having difficulty understanding the future me and how he is going to be.

I have chosen to be sitting in a garden which I know well with a good friend. We are discussing life at that place and time. After only 3 meditations on this I have formed a good picture and the discussion we are having is of great value to me as I can relate the future me now and I’m happy to report that I like him, he is a good man with a giving spirit. My friend is in a happy place but we are working on what he sees as his next steps in life. This is allowing me to share my story and relate it to him.

It is understood that we are the creation of our past thoughts and our present has been created in our minds first. We have chosen our associations, aspirations, expectations, etc. Maybe they have gradually moved us towards the path we are on or have allowed others to push us in a direction that we would otherwise not have chosen. By accepting this we have to accept responsibility for the good as well as the bad but by accepting this we give ourselves the power to change. Once we have the power to change it is up to us how we use it or whether we use it or just drift wherever others would like us to go.

Now I am beginning to know the future me and liking him I will no longer suffer the frustration that having a lack of direction brings. I am finding that I am procrastinating less and just getting on with making the future become reality. The more I get to know the future me the more I want to be him and do the work that will get me there. This is making a big difference to my business and I know it can be adopted by anyone reading this post as I have simply followed the directions given in the Master Keys book and applied them with the help of our mastermind alliance.

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5 thoughts on “Week 7 – Visualisation

  1. thefabdmasterkey

    I can totally identify – so I use my sit to see myself doing the things in my DMP. I see myself SUP boarding the Napali Coase – strong, healthy, loving the experience with my friends, loved ones and family together! I see myself in Europe enjoying the MKMMA Live Event there – I just see myself doing this stuff and the future me comes clearer and clearer. Mahalo for your courage and honesty


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