Week 6 – Meditation

Being new to meditation I have found the nightly exercise in The Master Key book to be very challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Basically the book is split into 24 chapters which are to be read as a chapter each week. Each day you are instructed to read the same chapter for the entire week so it gets repetitive and that is where the magic happens as the words gain meaning with each repeat and by the end of the week you feel you have extracted all there is from the chapter before you move onto the next.

Each chapter has instructions for the daily meditation or sit as we are calling it. Week one we just did a sit of about 15 minutes and it has progressed through to us now sitting, relaxing, clearing our minds and studying a picture. The picture is to be looked at for around 10 minutes and every detail in the picture is to be looked at and remembered. We then close our eyes and recreate the picture in our mind in as much detail as we can.

We have worked gradually up to this stage and next week we will take it a step further, which I am greatly looking forward to!

The message within this chapter is that with a magnifying glass we can focus the suns rays and if we hold them still in one place we can create a great amount of heat. Whereas if we scatter the rays out of focus and not held in one spot we create very little.

Taking this point we can imagine that our thoughts are readily scattered and achieve very little if we allow this to happen. We are practicing the art of holding our thoughts and blocking the distractions. Sounds easy at first but just try it yourself and see how many things enter your head when you are just looking at a picture for 10 minutes, then try to recreate that picture and focus on that for 15 minutes and think of nothing else.

Thankfully we are finding that our minds are like the rest of our body in that if we train them, as we might our muscles, then what at first we find difficult becomes easier with practice. With repeated exercise I found that I could run a marathon with a body that at first could barely run to end of the road. My mind is gaining strength and discipline with the exercise that I am putting it through, I can barely imagine what I might be able to achieve after 24 weeks of nightly practice but it will be amazing when I find out!

Give it a try yourself and please leave me a comment below with your experience.

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8 thoughts on “Week 6 – Meditation

  1. HitomiN

    fantastic post !!! attention / concentration, focus the power of thought can make everything possible, looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

  2. Ellen L

    Focus determines reality! I’m still working on tightening up my focus; I have “ADOS – Attention-deficit… OOH, SHINY!” 😉

  3. Cyndy James

    Steve, bravo my friend…You are doing AWESOME…You are right in the fact that we have come along way in such a little time…It will be AMAZING to see where we are in 23 weeks.


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