Week 2 – Habits

We are a slave to our habits.

It seems so obvious now but I have lived my whole adult life without giving this much thought, until now. We must do most things by habit as our lives require so many decisions and actions to be made by us that we would act so slow without habits and possibly forget to breath while pondering a complex problem. So if most of the decisions are made by our habits or subconscious mind then how does this mind know what we want?

It would appear that our subconscious acts without reasoning and instead acts on instinctive desire instead. This leaves all of our reasoning to the conscious mind which acts as a gate-keeper to the subconscious. It makes sense now but why had this taken so long for me to understand? I guess that I had just not been ready to fully understand this but now being part of a mastermind group studying the same material has made all the difference to me.

We are primarily studying the Master Key System by Charles F Haanel and this is being backed up by following the exercises with Og Mandino’s book The Greatest Salesman in the World.

The Master Key System is a study of the mind and how it influences us. The book is in 24 parts each to be studied for a week. This has given us a structure to follow and it’s not just about the reading of the parts weekly but also the daily meditation. The combination of this and the work which Mark Januszewski gives us to do is opening new understanding for me.

The Greatest Salesman in the World is a book which has been recommended to me by a couple of successful people before. If I’m honest I didn’t read it as I don’t think of myself as a salesman and never wished to be one. As soon as it was put to me that we are all salesman the realisation dropped and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the post. We are all salesman in different ways some of us a selling the need to educate ourselves, some of us are selling to our children the need to brush their teeth or eat their greens. Basically we are all trying to influence or educate people. The book is not about sales techniques its more about training our minds and that is what makes it a perfect companion to this course. This book is an exercise too and is going to take 10 months to finish. You simply must get a copy and follow the instructions to fully understand the full potential of this book, no wonder those that had mentioned it to me had been very successful in their chosen fields!

So I’m now in the second week of this and training my subconscious to serve me. I’ve let a few bad influences train it up until now but with careful reprogramming I know we will get it on the right path and I look forward to the good that this will produce.

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