Week 16 – The Law Of Growth

Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.

This week has been very interesting as we have been noticing ‘Kindness’ as a group and feeling the law of growth in this area together. We have been sharing our experiences with each other in the forum and as a result the impact on each of us has been exponential. The power of a mastermind group was written about by Napoleon Hill and feeling it first hand is a powerful experience.

Noticing kindness in others has been revealing as it is not only their kindness to me but also to each other that has been apparent. A lot of it would have bypassed my consciousness if it was not for this weeks exercise. I am surrounded by kind people doing kind things and that is a great thing. Kind acts towards me are naturally good for me and I have been sure to be gracious. I believe that I have noticed many more than I would have otherwise and the effect on my subconscious mind can only be for the better as a result and we all know what a healthy happy subconscious mind can achieve.

My acts of kindness have been a little harder as we were asked as a group to do two random acts of kindness each day. By a random act we mean doing something without being caught. I have tidied up in shops, given to charity boxes and slowed my car in traffic to create a gap ahead for other drivers that I have seen. These seem small but it has revealed that I have room for improvement in this. I believe that I am a kind person but to give this law of growth some fuel I will do more before the week end on Sunday. Comments in the box below will be kindly received and acted on if your creativity can help me with more random acts.

So whatever we think about grows apparently, well I can confirm this to be the case. My study may not be far reaching and stand the test of some peoples scepticism but in my mind it works. This week has been a kind week and I look forward to next week when we as a group will be applying the law of growth to topics of our own choice. My choice is ‘Decisiveness’  for next week so if we run into each other do me a favour and be decisive so I can notice it and watch it grow through the week.

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7 thoughts on “Week 16 – The Law Of Growth

  1. Irene

    Great blog Steve. Thanks for sharing it.
    A little suggestion for a random act of kindness could be to clean one street in your neighborhood or anywhere where you think it will be necessary. And you if you want to make it funny, you can wear fake funky mustaches and play on your portable Happy from Pharrel Williams and smile to anyone you meet on the way. I am planning to do that too by Sunday!

  2. Heather C

    I’ve been kind…to those I know…still working on the random acts. This one is tougher than I thought; actually that may new the issue. I’m not thinking/ looking for opportunities. Better step up my intention!

  3. Cindy

    I have also found it challenging to do the random acts of kindness without getting caught. But I am finding that by being kinder, those around me are also kinder.

  4. Robert Channings

    It is amazing…I am sure some of the things would not actually have happened without the creative thoughts generated by looking for them. We have been speaking of noticing kindness and giving hope for kindness multiple times daily in the laws of giving and receiving 2 and 3 and sure enough whatever we have been thinking about has grown. Great post.

  5. Debbie Daniels

    Great post! My word this week is Courage! So, if we run into each other, I’ll have the courage to say something to you!


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