Week 15 – Paying Off

Does this stuff work? Will it work for me?

I guess these were the questions that I asked myself repeatedly in the early days. I had read many books before but this course promised to be different, we were to be self directed and guided into finding the answers for ourselves. Then as if to make it more challenging we would be reading two books which both takes months to complete as they are exercises to be completed daily and repeated until the books are finished.

Well after 15 weeks I can confirm that this is working. I feel different, I react to situations differently and most importantly I am living with a purpose and enjoying the journey. It is no miracle it is simply the result of gaining and understanding of what I used to think about and understanding that I can change the bits that don’t serve me. This is an ongoing process as I don’t believe we will ever stop growing until the day life ends.

Life is a whole lot better for me and my greatest displeasure now is seeing others that are in need of help. Many of them don’t know that they are slowly self destructing with negative opinions and actions. I know that I will be able to help some but will I be able to do enough? I will continue my journey and know that I will have opportunities to share what I have learnt. As they say on aeroplanes ‘fix your own oxygen mask first, then help others’.

A short comparison that has helped me recently is to think of the mind as being like a field of fertile soil. If you plant crops in the field then they will invariably grow, if you plant deadly nightshade in the soil it will invariably grow. They soil is fertile and doesn’t mind what you plant, it will simply return to you what you plant. By planting positive thoughts that are in line with your dharma in the mind they will grow. The mind does not mind what you plant it will simply return what you plant. Our actions are a manifestation of our thoughts so if we are propagating a positive mind then how can it not take us towards our dharma?

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6 thoughts on “Week 15 – Paying Off

  1. Debbie Daniels

    It is starting to pay off for me, too!! And I know what you mean about others who are in need of help. I work with two people who constantly think negative. They have such trouble in their lives and I’ve told both that they need to speak positive into their lives. You become what you think! They don’t get it and all I can do at this time is pray for them! Thanks for his great post!

  2. Jonathan Davis

    Great post, Steven! I, too, am seeing positive change in myself, and what a great need there is in the world for others to learn what we now know. I practice the Law of Giving and being a Light in my corner of the world – hopefully, letting my light shine will draw them to the MKE as it reaches 30,000!

  3. Rita Grandchamp

    Awesome post Steven!
    I too am noticing changes in me….
    Subby is the soil in which we plant good thoughts.

  4. Fi E

    Our actions are a manifestation of our thoughts so if we are propagating a positive mind then how can it not take us towards our dharma?

    Love this post Steve! It is true .. the seeds we plant grow .. but in order to grow and flourish we must first properly till the soil and then nourish it with conscious care : grateful to have you as my guide xx


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