Week 1 – Getting Started

Master Keys Mastermind Alliance

Having studied many personal development books and CD’s recently my friends and family are not surprised by my decision to join a mastermind alliance and study a book. This book, The Master Key System, was first published in 1916 and has been credited with assisting many great successes in the past. I feel that the time is right for me to study this book now and I look forward to joining the great many people who have studied this before me.

The decision to study this as part of a mastermind is new to me. I firmly believe in the power of associations as the benefits of positive associations is well documented and I have noticed myself the positive impact of associating with people who challenge me to move forward. It is true that we encourage our children to make friends with the good kids at school and stay away from those who would lead them in the wrong direction. Why as adults do some of us spend too much time with negative people and dream stealers or realists as they prefer to be called? Studying this book within a like minded mastermind will be challenging and equally rewarding.

The fact that no body can buy a place on this course is enlightening in todays world. I am here through a scholarship and I can maintain this by keeping up with the course and remaining in harmony with the others on the same journey. I believe 700 of us successfully applied for this and I expect to do the work and be one of those who complete the 26 week journey.

I look forward to sharing this story as it unfolds!

When I have completed the course it will be my pleasure to help as many people as I can understand that a more fulfilling future is within them already and that they simply need to find a way to unleash their creativity from within.

I’m new to blogging but I believe there is an option to follow this blog and even add a comment if you so wish. It would be good to know that this is getting out and being read!

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6 thoughts on “Week 1 – Getting Started

  1. Shiel Campbell

    Steve, you are already on the journey, I have seen how far you have come already. I am looking forward to following the progress here.


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