Week 8 – Watchman At The Gate

Filtering Information

Week 8 and we are starting to use our subconscious minds so much more. The mental diet is anpress-release amazing tool to get us thinking about how we are configuring our subconscious mind. We are being bombarded by radio, TV, friends, family, colleagues, etc. they all have their own agenda and it is rarely aligned with our hearts desire. Being the ‘watchman at the gate’ of our subconscious is allowing us to filter what goes in. So many around us are finding ways to be unhappy, I even saw today a colleague complaining about a flight to a great destination! How many positive great things must they be experiencing and they are finding and sharing negatives?

How Do We Filter?

The law of substitution is a great tool. We can only think of one thing at a time so substitute with a positive. We also have technology available to us too. We can switch people off our newsfeed on Facebook, not watch TV and find things that inspire us to do with our time. It is important that we know what our hearts desire is and then go about following it. As long as it is good for us and takes away from no one else then we are all happy.

Why Should We Filter

Our subconscious is a fertile place and if we can keep it positive then great positives will be manifested in our lives. Have you ever noticed how some people seem to get on in life while others don’t? Some people who are giving and generous seem to receive plenty in return. Some who are fault finding and opinionated seem to have lots of problems following them. By reading and understanding Emerson’s Law Of Compensation you will understand why this is the case. It can be simplified by the phrase ‘Give More, Get More’ and that has been on my office wall for years since I found it.

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