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Is There A Key To Success?

It is true that we become what we think about most. I don’t know of anyone who disputes this claim and it has been written about so much over many decades.

What does this mean for us who are living an average life with not much excitement? Have we missed something when growing up?

I have found by reading biographies of succesful people that they all have had a belief and a desire at some stage in their life, often quite early on, that they would accomplish more. They have then gone on to find a way and become succesful. I am sure that when they were on this journey they shared the path with others who fell away to a mediocre life leaving the path to those who had something in them that was going to be the ‘key’ to success.

Key Surfing

The ‘key’ to the door of success would then be the difference¬†and if we could find it and understand how to use it we too could be a success.

I have found that it comes back to us becoming what we think about the most. Which is led by many things including who we spend time with, whose opinions we listen to, what books we read, etc.

The person we spend most time with is us. For some people this can be a very good thing, for others not so good. The little voice in our head that makes all of our decisions by creating a feeling before we consciously make the decision. If we could get this little voice (our subconscious) working towards our desired outcome then that would be the ‘key’.

Test your subconscious now, think of your dream or major goal. What is the first thought or feeling that creates? If it is of self-doubt or you have managed to find all the reasons that you may not achieve it then you need to fix that. If your thoughts are of excitement and feelings as if you are there already then you have found they key to success already. With a subconcious on our side we will find the ways to achieve instead of the excuses not to. We will enjoy the journey and attract the right people and circumstances our way. We will become what we think about.

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