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7 Day Challenge

Positive thoughtsCan it be true that after 7 days you will notice a new you?

I am grateful that it is possible to change a whole future by taking a 7 day challenge. It will last a lifetime if you allow it but you are welcome to just experience it for 7 days if you prefer.

There is a document available below as a free gift from me which will guide you on this journey. It is only a short read, which is good as you will want to re-read it I’m sure! Just enter your name and where you want the document emailed to and I will do the rest. I will even send you a couple of helpful messages as you take the journey.

I know what you are thinking, ‘Ok so I try this but what about the other people I share my time with, wont they still be negative and bring me down?’ Well this is all explained in the free document, nothing else is needed. I’m not giving you a taster then asking for money if you want the real thing, you will have all you need to complete the task and embark on a changed course.

It’s truly remarkable that you will definitely not be the same after this! I’m not saying that you will become a superstar in your business but you will have made a step towards a brighter future and by taking more steps you may even achieve your own authentic dharma but this will be a good place to start.

PS. I would love to hear your progress in the comments section!

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Week 8 -Thoughts

I am getting very conscious of each and every thought I’m having as that is the nature of this course. This is a great experience as I have been living from day to day with limited conscious input until recently.

Time is slowing down and I seem to have more of it, that can only be a good thing, and things are getting done where before they were get left for later. This is making a difference to how much time I spend on the business and I have still identified more improvements that can be made.

Controlling my thoughts is raising my expectations as my positivity is lifted. I feel love and positivity everywhere and this is probably the most rewarding feeling that I can have. It seems that people keep trying to knock me but I’m able to forgive them and keep my positive mind going even stronger after every attempt to derail it. This was the biggest challenge to begin with but now by substituting negative¬†thoughts for positives before they take hold is just what I do and its part of me. Forgiving others is a gift to myself not them and I love gifts!

It has been a busy week already and I look forward to more of the same.

I greet each day with love in my heart.


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