Right or Wealthy?

When faced with the choice of being right or wealthy I would have presumed that I would always choose wealthy. It seems that is the obvious choice and by wealthy I am thinking of more than just money! For me wealth is about my life as a whole and having time to enjoy the people and the circumstances that leading a wealthy life attract.

When I first started examining what I was doing it became apparent that I was making decisions to support what I believed already. I was reinforcing my belief that I was right by making everything fit with the model I had in my head and missing anything which went against my current belief. What a revelation this was!

Through my time spent on Mark J’s MKMMA course I have examned the choices I’m making and becoming an observer of my actions and thoughts. It is eye opening stuff and there is nowhere to hide as it’s all you and your creation, no hiding behind excuses!

I now have the pleasure of living with this and feeling in control of what I create, both good and bad. I have a link on here to opt into my list so that I can share this course when it launches again in September. Feel free to join as I would love to share the opportunity with like minded people.

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