Press Release

A transcript of an interview conducted by Steve’s brother James Black in the grounds of Steve and Susanne’s Devon home on Saturday 26th September 2020.

JB. Thanks for agreeing to this interview for my upcoming book on people and their success stories. The publisher and I are still discussing the title.

SE. No problem, it’s good to help and being family makes it even more fun.

JB. Can we start with why are you in Devon?

SE. We felt that we needed a change of pace and the more times we holidayed down here the more we wanted to live here. Have you seen the village? What is there not to love about the atmosphere? We placed this on our vision for our future and that meant that we had a desire to be here which aroused feelings within us whenever we thought about it.

JB. Many people have things they desire, what makes the things you desire become real when most people just make do with what they have and dare not dream too big?

SE. There is a massive difference between dreaming of things being better and having a definite purpose to make things better. When you have a definite purpose you feel it right to your core, you let nothing come between you and your purpose. I think most people want stuff but when the stuff seems out of reach they settle for something else that is easier to get. Everything you see here has come through hard work towards its attainment, I haven’t deviated and settled for less than I wanted. If I had bought a smaller house in a not so nice area or settled for watching sports when I should have been building my business then I would still be short of my goals but I remained laser focussed on this until it was mine. Have you ever been shopping with a child who wants everything and ends up with lots of worthless stuff instead of staying focussed on one big thing until he gets it? I prefer to get the treasure instead of lots of trinkets.

JB. They don’t teach this stuff in schools, how do you come to have this knowledge?

SE. Books and courses. What do you call a child who reads two books a year? Slow. What do you call an adult who reads two books a year?

There are no new methods or secrets as some like to call them. Everything you need to learn has been learnt before, written down and studied or published by many already, you just need to know where to look and what you are looking for. The more you read the more you understand who is genuinely helping you and who is out to get you to buy as much of their stuff as possible. Remember there are no new secrets or short cuts it’s just hard work in a directed way, this applies to fitness, mental attitude, etc. in the same way as it applies to business.

JB. Ok so I get some advice and read the right books, what next?

SE. That will depend upon what you are trying to achieve, If its fitness or business you will need to give up ‘your right to be right’ about the topic. The most expensive thing we can own is a closed mind. Once we are open to new suggestions we need to use our conscious mind to protect our subconscious from the bad stuff that will be trying to get in but let the subconscious be fed good wholesome food that will take us towards our goals. Essentially we will be building new disciplines and habits that direct us to where we plan to go. If we follow the right instructions we can reprogram our subconscious to take us where we want to go but beware that the old programs which we have within us will be trying to take us where they planned for us to go. It may be a battle at first but if we genuinely want our future to take a different path to that which we are currently on then we need to do the work.

You remember learning to drive? The process was sped up by taking instruction, putting that into practice, then getting feedback and more instruction. With effort on our part and repetition in the correct way we learn to drive and soon it becomes a subconscious function but to get there we need our conscious thought to implement, review and revise.

JB. What’s next for you guys now then, you are far too young to retire?

SE. We live by Emerson’s Law Of Compensation which has got us to where we are now. This essay was written decades ago and I fully recommend everyone to Google it and read it with a dictionary to hand as the language is old and sophisticated but the message is as true today as it was when written. Essentially the big message I got from within the essay is ‘Give More, Get More’ which I have had on my office wall for years. If you give more love you get more back, give more help, give more hate, give more cynicism, give more compassion, it can be applied to most things. I was sceptical at first but applied it to a couple of areas of my life and I was sold within hours on the idea. It really works! The essay has so much more to it which we can understand with time and repeated reading or by reading books which have used it as a source.

This means that as we wish to live out our time with comfort, love, money, happiness, etc. then we need to be giving these things and helping others get their bliss. We have projects that we are working on in the village and in our businesses. Helping others achieve in their lives in a way that benefits all whom it effects is a fantastic way to exist and will leave a legacy beyond my wildest dreams a few years back.

JB. Thanks for your time today.

SE. My pleasure! I would like a signed copy mailed to me when you get the first batch published and I’m sure I can help promote the book too.

It’s my 46th Birthday tomorrow let’s get some beers in before the rest of the family arrive and fire up the BBQ.