Master Key – Week 4 – Peptides

Addicted To Peptides

I am addicted to peptides.

There it is, out there for all to see. I have been through the Master Keys course already, seen the studies and read the evidence and I’m glad to say that it’s not a bad addiction! We are all getting our fix from different experiences and the video below explains it very well.

It is great to know that we can change ourselves and with that our outcomes. That feeling of being in control means that we can choose our feelings and with practice loose the bits of our identity that do not serve us. It explains what is going on when you see someone seemingly choose a life of failure when you know that they are capable of more.


Can I Change?

Well in short, Yes I can and more importantly I am. It is not easy but few things worthwhile are easy. I am an observer of my actions and my thinking, I am making a difference. Whether you believe what is said in the video or not you can’t argue with the fact that something is making us all different. Maybe that something can be controlled and if so then why not start today.

Whether it’s peptides or something else by knowing that I am improving I am feeling in control and that in itself is making my life more enjoyable. I am not here to simply exist for a few years then slip away quietly never straying too far from the herd!

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