Master Key Experience Week 1

Week 1

All Getting Started

So here we are again, week 1 of the Master Key Experience. We have a new intake who have been blessed with a scholarship from the previous years generosity. I’m taking this experience again this year as a guide which means that I can give something back. I am benefitting daily from all the exercises we did last year and I am so happy to be able to help others find their gifts from within. It is great to see so many new names and faces from all over the world. Together we will make a difference for ourselves and others.


A requirement of the scholarship is that we all move in harmony with each other. We are reading the same books and participating in the weekly webinar. The benefit of forming a true mastermind alliance is making a difference already. We are moving and acting as one which is fantastic.

Finding an Authentic Dharma

Currently my biggest challenge is reviewing DMP’s (Definite Major Purposes) from the participants assigned to me. I am so honoured to have these guys share their dreams and ambitions with me. I promise to critique them sympathetically and help them dig deep to find their true dharma. It’s time to throw off the cement that the world has given us since we were kids and find the gold that lies beneath. Two years ago when I was asked to do this it was the first time anyone had asked me to find what I want and dig deep with me to explore it. I am so pleased to be guiding others to find their gold.

What next?

If you are reading this and wish you were with us on the Master Key Experience then that is great. You can’t buy this course so bad news there but you can get a scholarship next year if you truly want it. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our journey and developing together so find our blogs and follow your favourites.

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