Life After Brexit

brexitWhat have we seen?

There has been a lot of talk after the Brexit result was announced. A lot of negativity from both camps too which is to be expected after such a campaign. What happens next is whare we find how great our country is.

The most revealing part of all this is how much people have attached their emotion to the result. I have seen it said that the result has made life worth living again for some or life unbearable for others. A lot of people needed to win this argument to justify themselves which is showing more than they expected to reveal.

Where are we now?

The dust is beginning to settle and life is actually still ok. The stock market didn’t like the shock but recovered and nothing much will change in the short term. A few people have said some things they regret and can now reflect on what they revealed about their inner voice.

I am noticing that those who are keeping their cool are those who have a greater mission in life. An authentic dharma has given them an inner peace. Knowing where you are heading and what you are doing to achieve this gives a good perspective. External factors have become less relevent as you are inner directed.

Many of us are parents and have an opportunty to learn from this and pass it on to the next generation. If we start crying foul and dismissing the views of those who voted out then we send a much bigger message to our kids than we intend. If we use this as an opportunity to show that life can be a success if we choose it to be a success then the learning will be more beneficial. It is never too late to find your purpose in life and start progressing towards it.

For some the process has given them a purpose. They have found a burning desire in politics and maybe this is the start of a new lifelong ambition. I don’t mean sharing questionable statistics on Facebook or quoting other people. Some people have shown great understanding of democracy and their part in it, for them a new future may await? I am involved in a small way in local politics and can see a clear route for anyone wishing to become more involved.

Where is our future?

The future will be full of opportunity and difficulty whatever happens regarding our exit from the EU. Those of us who are ready for this and know what we want will have more opportunity to do well. Those who are letting their future happiness be decided for them will miss out.

There is a bright future for self directed thinkers and always will be.



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