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Week 6 – Opinions

We All Have Themopinion

We all have opinions, well that is my opinion anyway. We are becoming better at observing ourselves through this course and finding out how opinionated we are is an eye opener. We are trying to leave our opinions out from last week and while it is a challenge it is also revealing. I am finding it relatively easy to stop myself voicing an opinion but those in my head are difficult to get away from.

Why Bother?

Well I have found that by not voicing opinions I am able to listen more. This is having a positive impact on my work and family life. I’m still letting the odd one slip through but on the whole I am stopping them and sometimes not joining in on certain conversations. By repeating an opinion I would be restating what I already know but by listening I may learn something new. This is big for me and it helps in building relationships especially in business. By becoming the observer of my words I am gaining more control of my conscious thoughts and in turn what the subconscious is exposed to.

Control Of Thoughts

This is the challenge and I remember last year I failed to fully get this one mastered. I will persevere until I succeed and I know that the effort will be rewarded. Everything else in the MKE course is well worth the effort so I have no reason the expect that this will not.

The words in my head are forming opinions that are being let through to the subconscious. I will be a good watchman at the gate, I will form good habits and they will be my friend.

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Week 5 – Press Release

Now The Fun Beginspress-release

We are writing our press releases this week and I cannot wait to read those written by the new guys on the course. I have mine available to read on the tab at the top of this blog. Since writing mine it became so much easier to visualise what my future would look like. It is great fun putting these images into words in the form of a press release as we can let our imaginations run wild with details and content.

Why Do This?

This is one of the tools that we are using to end procrastination. Every time I see what the future is going to look like it becomes more real. I’m reading the DMP, I’m reading the press release and imprinting my mind with a clear vision of what we are going to achieve. We are noticing shapes and linking them to our PPN’s, we are essentially pushing this in from all angles and giving ourselves no room for excuses. The days of procrastination are now well and truly over. Let the fun begin!

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Week 4 – Peptides

Addicted To Peptides

I have an addiction to peptides. I believe that we all have an addiction and it’s not always bad. The video below is long but when fully understood it answers many questions. Why do some people seem to get on well while others struggle? Why are some of us overweight and others fit? Often we come from similar beginnings and live in the same areas so what makes one person a success while another fails?

Can I Change?

Well in short, Yes I can and more importantly I am. It is not easy but few things worthwhile are easy. I am an observer of my actions and my thinking, I am making a difference. Whether you believe what is said in the video or not you can’t argue with the fact that something is making us all different. Maybe that something can be controlled and if so then why not start today. Whether it’s peptides or something else by knowing that I am improving I am feeling in control and that in itself is making my life more enjoyable. I am not here to simply exist for a few years then slip away quietly never straying too far from the herd!

Another Perspective

Why not take a look at my friend Fiona’s post on the subject? She has a great way of linking this to ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’

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Week 3 – Smart Goals


We have now added SMART Goals to our DMP’s and this has made a huge difference. We now how feelings and emotion in them as the DMP is aligned with our PPN’s. PPN’s are our Personal Pivotal Needs. SMART Goals have made our goals Specific, Measured, Achievable, Relevant and Timed. By giving this level of definition to our subconscious we are able to make some changes in our lives towards attaining these and our DMP.

Blueprint For Lifeblueprint

We are planning a new reality and our subconscious is now being directed towards it. We have such a huge capacity within our minds which is being directed by us through choice now. The past saw us being directed by trying to fit in or pleasing others. I know that I will have the capacity to please others more by directing myself and helping others do the same. I know the future is bright because I have seen it and written it down. My life is heading where I want it to head and as it is aligned with my pivotal needs it is a joy to head there. The feeling of it being hard work has disappeared. Procrastination is a thing of the past and I can smile whenever I wish to.


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Week 2 – Personal Pivotal Needs

Finding My Personal Pivotal Needs

This time last year I had to discover what my Pivotal Needs were and I was amazed at the result. We don’t often get asked what our needs are in our day to day life. As they are personal to us it is really for us to find them ourselves but we don’t know to start looking. By wording my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) around my pivotal needs it becomes so much more. It is as if it takes on a whole new meaning and I feel passion for it.

If you could write a DMP and feel a passion for it how do you think that would feel? Would it become more important to achieve it than make excuses? Would you put the pity party’s on hold and get to work on what drives you?

Thankfully my guide last year helped me discover what my needs were. She did this by asking questions and asking me to expand on areas of the DMP. By reading my DMP 3 times a day and thinking about what my guide had asked I eventually decided that my PPN’s were wrong and quickly changed one of them. I’m so glad that my guide didn’t tell me to change them as by letting me discover it I learnt so much more about myself.

My PPN’sfreedom

I have decided that Liberty and True Health are what drives me. That is not to say that they are the only things but by fulfilling these then I become so much more in all areas of my life.


This is my need to have all I need to live as I wish. I have felt constrained by a lack of money and time in the past so putting that behind me is a driving factor. My wife and I have made so many changes already to gain liberty and we are enjoying the process. I have so much to give and with liberty comes a freedom to express myself and share all I can. As you can see it is more than fast cars and big houses for me but for you it will mean something different and that is ok.

True Health

I have a strong desire to be truly healthy. This is more about the mind than the body or spirit for me but for you it could be different. I see how my mind has created all that I am and have today, I am exactly where I really want to be. Once we believe this then we have the power to change and adjust that which we need to. We are all exactly where we really want to be whether we admit it or not! I have an exercise plan and spiritual connections that I’m making as true health encompasses them all. By doing so I feel that my DMP is taking me to a place where I have the true health I desire.



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Master Key Experience Week 1

Week 1 All Getting Startedcropped-Key4.jpg

So here we are again, week 1 of the Master Key Experience. We have a new intake who have been blessed with a scholarship from the previous years generosity. I’m taking this experience again this year as a guide which means that I can give something back. I am benefitting daily from all the exercises we did last year and I am so happy to be able to help others find their gifts from within. It is great to see so many new names and faces from all over the world. Together we will make a difference for ourselves and others.


A requirement of the scholarship is that we all move in harmony with each other. We are reading the same books and participating in the weekly webinar. The benefit of forming a true mastermind alliance is making a difference already. We are moving and acting as one which is fantastic.

Finding an Authentic Dharma

Currently my biggest challenge is reviewing DMP’s (Definite Major Purposes) from the participants assigned to me. I am so honoured to have these guys share their dreams and ambitions with me. I promise to critique them sympathetically and help them dig deep to find their true dharma. It’s time to throw off the cement that the world has given us since we were kids and find the gold that lies beneath. Last year when I was asked to do this it was the first time anyone had asked me to find what I want and dig deep with me to explore it. I am so pleased to be guiding others to find their gold.

What next?

If you are reading this and wish you were with us on the Master Key Experience then that is great. You can’t buy this course so bad news there but you can get a scholarship next year if you truly want it. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our journey and developing together so find our blogs and follow your favourites.


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