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Week 6 – Meditation

Being new to meditation I have found the nightly exercise in The Master Key book to be very challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Basically the book is split into 24 chapters which are to be read as a chapter each week. Each day you are instructed to read the same chapter for the entire week so it gets repetitive and that is where the magic happens as the words gain meaning with each repeat and by the end of the week you feel you have extracted all there is from the chapter before you move onto the next.

Each chapter has instructions for the daily meditation or sit as we are calling it. Week one we just did a sit of about 15 minutes and it has progressed through to us now sitting, relaxing, clearing our minds and studying a picture. The picture is to be looked at for around 10 minutes and every detail in the picture is to be looked at and remembered. We then close our eyes and recreate the picture in our mind in as much detail as we can.

We have worked gradually up to this stage and next week we will take it a step further, which I am greatly looking forward to!

The message within this chapter is that with a magnifying glass we can focus the suns rays and if we hold them still in one place we can create a great amount of heat. Whereas if we scatter the rays out of focus and not held in one spot we create very little.

Taking this point we can imagine that our thoughts are readily scattered and achieve very little if we allow this to happen. We are practicing the art of holding our thoughts and blocking the distractions. Sounds easy at first but just try it yourself and see how many things enter your head when you are just looking at a picture for 10 minutes, then try to recreate that picture and focus on that for 15 minutes and think of nothing else.

Thankfully we are finding that our minds are like the rest of our body in that if we train them, as we might our muscles, then what at first we find difficult becomes easier with practice. With repeated exercise I found that I could run a marathon with a body that at first could barely run to end of the road. My mind is gaining strength and discipline with the exercise that I am putting it through, I can barely imagine what I might be able to achieve after 24 weeks of nightly practice but it will be amazing when I find out!

Give it a try yourself and please leave me a comment below with your experience.

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Week 5 – Opinions

This week we have been given an exercise. It’s quite a difficult task and one which I have been struggling with for a couple of days now.

  •  We are to not have opinions.

This is to get us in touch with the ‘I’ which is neither our body nor our brain. To get in touch with this we need to become an observer and this task is certainly helping with that! I had struggled until this point to become an observer of my thoughts and actions but have found this to help massively.

It is accepted that we are a world class expert in some things and having an opinion is ok in that. Making that judgement stops your mind and brings you into being the observer again and I believe this is the point of the exercise.

Stopping the words coming out of your mouth can be done with a bit of practice but stopping the thoughts is a whole lot more effort and I will be honest I’m not doing that well here. Being part of a mastermind group is a benefit and we are helping each other get over the hurdles.

It is fun to think back and observe that I had opinions on everything from how the government should be run to the staffing levels at the supermarket. I genuinely believed that I had sufficient facts to have an expert opinion on so many things its mind boggling! How did I ever have time to run my own life when I was running everything else in the world within my mind?

Go on, give it a try yourself. What do you have to lose? Just try it for an hour or two and leave me a comment below. Don’t worry about being judged as that would be forming an opinion and we won’t be doing that here.

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Week 4 – The ‘I’

This weeks lesson begins with;

  • The ‘I’ of you is not the physical body; that is simply an instrument which the ‘I’ uses to carry out its purposes; the ‘I’ cannot be the mind, for the mind is simply another instrument which the ‘I’ uses with which to think, reason and plan.

Wow this opens up my thinking and understanding. The chapter goes on to discuss this and further develop the thought. This course has been an amazing journey already and we are only in week 4. To think that this book has been around for so many years and yet never taught in schools is confusing. All that time studying algebra when I could have been gaining and understanding of what life really is.

I suppose I would have not been ready for this in school so why am I ready for it now? I have heard bits of this in yoga and church before but it has not made as much sense as it does now. I am sure that studying this material by choice and within a group of like minded people has made all the difference.

So it is all good to be feeling great about oneself and living with purpose but what tangible differences have I noticed in my life so far? Well it will surprise no-one to hear that living with a purpose makes all the difference in life, business and relationships. I smile more, compliment people and enter conversations with strangers. This opens up possibilities which will lead to ideas or opportunities. All progress is reliant on new ideas or opportunities as without them nothing advances or changes. A stagnant life is not of my choosing!

I can be what I will to be!

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Week 3 – Definate Major Purpose

My Definite Major Purpose (DMP) has been a challenge to write. I have written goals lists and visions before but I’ve never put effort into getting it right. By right I mean getting the definite bit done properly!

Whilst it is fun to think of what life could be like with the right effort in the right places writing this DMP is a little more serious as it has to be what I want and be a realistic goal. I’m on the third draft already and it is almost complete, thankfully I have fantastic guide called Marie. Marie has read each draft and given fantastic feedback. This has helped me make some changes and get it right.

It’s fine having a DMP but the real magic happens when you use this to direct your subconscious. Reading it or a sample of it three times a day is the plan and the reprogramming of my subconscious begins. It’s quite scary now as it’s getting serious, I can feel myself making different decisions and life is getting an exciting edge. My previous visions and goals have been an exercise to write but I have lacked the discipline to review them and let them work on my inner mind. Being in the process of creating good habits by doing the work directed in Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman, has lead me into creating the habit of reviewing my DMP 3 times daily.

We are finding through our study of the Master Keys that our subconscious is making all of our decisions. Our ego makes us think our decisions are made by our conscious mind. Every thought, idea, opportunity, etc. is processed by our subconscious and a feeling or belief is attached to it before our conscious mind gets to work on it. The decision has already been made! I’m now training my subconscious to let it know what I want and when I want it, I don’t need to tell it the methods as they will come and as long as my inner mind is looking to create the desired outcome then it will pick and choose the things that will take me in the right direction.

Until recently my inner mind was being programmed by friends, family, work colleagues, etc. but now I am consciously programming it and restricting access. My subconscious is directing my life and I’m directing my subconscious, how cool is that!

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Week 2 – Habits

We are a slave to our habits.

It seems so obvious now but I have lived my whole adult life without giving this much thought, until now. We must do most things by habit as our lives require so many decisions and actions to be made by us that we would act so slow without habits and possibly forget to breath while pondering a complex problem. So if most of the decisions are made by our habits or subconscious mind then how does this mind know what we want?

It would appear that our subconscious acts without reasoning and instead acts on instinctive desire instead. This leaves all of our reasoning to the conscious mind which acts as a gate-keeper to the subconscious. It makes sense now but why had this taken so long for me to understand? I guess that I had just not been ready to fully understand this but now being part of a mastermind group studying the same material has made all the difference to me.

We are primarily studying the Master Key System by Charles F Haanel and this is being backed up by following the exercises with Og Mandino’s book The Greatest Salesman in the World.

The Master Key System is a study of the mind and how it influences us. The book is in 24 parts each to be studied for a week. This has given us a structure to follow and it’s not just about the reading of the parts weekly but also the daily meditation. The combination of this and the work which Mark Januszewski gives us to do is opening new understanding for me.

The Greatest Salesman in the World is a book which has been recommended to me by a couple of successful people before. If I’m honest I didn’t read it as I don’t think of myself as a salesman and never wished to be one. As soon as it was put to me that we are all salesman the realisation dropped and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the post. We are all salesman in different ways some of us a selling the need to educate ourselves, some of us are selling to our children the need to brush their teeth or eat their greens. Basically we are all trying to influence or educate people. The book is not about sales techniques its more about training our minds and that is what makes it a perfect companion to this course. This book is an exercise too and is going to take 10 months to finish. You simply must get a copy and follow the instructions to fully understand the full potential of this book, no wonder those that had mentioned it to me had been very successful in their chosen fields!

So I’m now in the second week of this and training my subconscious to serve me. I’ve let a few bad influences train it up until now but with careful reprogramming I know we will get it on the right path and I look forward to the good that this will produce.

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Week 1 – Getting Started

Master Keys Mastermind Alliance

Having studied many personal development books and CD’s recently my friends and family are not surprised by my decision to join a mastermind alliance and study a book. This book, The Master Key System, was first published in 1916 and has been credited with assisting many great successes in the past. I feel that the time is right for me to study this book now and I look forward to joining the great many people who have studied this before me.

The decision to study this as part of a mastermind is new to me. I firmly believe in the power of associations as the benefits of positive associations is well documented and I have noticed myself the positive impact of associating with people who challenge me to move forward. It is true that we encourage our children to make friends with the good kids at school and stay away from those who would lead them in the wrong direction. Why as adults do some of us spend too much time with negative people and dream stealers or realists as they prefer to be called? Studying this book within a like minded mastermind will be challenging and equally rewarding.

The fact that no body can buy a place on this course is enlightening in todays world. I am here through a scholarship and I can maintain this by keeping up with the course and remaining in harmony with the others on the same journey. I believe 700 of us successfully applied for this and I expect to do the work and be one of those who complete the 26 week journey.

I look forward to sharing this story as it unfolds!

When I have completed the course it will be my pleasure to help as many people as I can understand that a more fulfilling future is within them already and that they simply need to find a way to unleash their creativity from within.

I’m new to blogging but I believe there is an option to follow this blog and even add a comment if you so wish. It would be good to know that this is getting out and being read!

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