Can You Make Yourself Happy?

Can you make yourself happy?Happy

I believe you can make yourself happy and I am strongly urging you to give it a try. Let us first consider why some people appear happier than others. We are seeing what they are projecting with their expressions, voice or actions. We are thinking they are happy based on this without giving much thought as to why initially. I know that we can all act, sound and look happy even at the worst of times so lets give it a try now. Just put a smile on your face walk with a purpose and say something pleasant to the next person you meet. I know that that made you feel good because it did for me when I did it too. We all know that the opposite is true too as we have experienced that before too. I have found that by acting happy we can attract happiness.

Make a list.

List just 20 things that pleased you recently. This could be a good experience or an act of kindness. Examples of both giving and receiving are good. I use index cards for this as I can put one thing on each card and shuffle them, read them and add to them easily. I am presuming that you have just done this and can see the benefit immediately of just writing them down. Imagine how you will feel reviewing them and adding to them! What a great resource this pile of index cards will become to you in the future because you will add to it and make it your own.

What else?

There are many techniques we can employ to improve our lives. I found them by getting a scholarship to the MKMMA course and completing the 6 month course. The next course starts at the end of September so now would be a good time to get on the early notification list. Just hop on the list by through this link and I will send you the link to the first video when they are about to launch.


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