My name is Steven Earl and I live in Sittingbourne in the UK.

I have been building my network marketing business since early 2012 with my wife Susanne. We started the business as we had run out of options for getting more income but very soon found that the industry has so much more to offer. Money is good but mixing with strong personalities who, like you, are achieving something great in their lives is a fantastic learning curve to be on. Why does the profession have such a bad name lingering on from the 1980’s still? Anyway let’s not look at the negative as we have so much that’s positive going on for those that want to step away from the crowd and achieve something without re mortgaging the house.

I started this blog as it was a requirement for joining the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance being run by Mark Januszewski in September 2015. I have since completed the course and joined the team as a guide for future intakes. What a great decision! I now get to go through the course and gain so much more by helping first timers go through it too.

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