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Week 9 – Substitution

We have been using substitution with great effect for some time now. It is not possible to hold both good and bad thoughts in mind at the same time. This gives us the option to see a bad thought or opinion coming and substitute it with a positive.

From Part Nine of The Master Key it is said;

  • Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort. If you are timid, vacillating, self-conscious, or if you are over-anxious or harassed by thoughts of fear or impending danger, remember that is axiomatic that ‘two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time.’
Taking control of our thoughts will allow us to control our character and this is where we can grow in whatever way we require. Knowing that we are in control is a good start but seeing the new thoughts making a new you is even better. Further on in Part Nine it is said;
  • The positive thought will destroy the negative as certainly as light destroys darkness, and the results will be just as effectual.
We have been working on a 7 day mental diet as part of our course within the MKMMA. This is something that anyone can do and it really helps you keep your thoughts in check and become an observer. I will post a link to this diet sometime in the future when I know how to as it would benefit everyone to at least read the document and those who choose to embark on the diet will gain massively.
One quick note on embarking on a course of substituting thoughts, the payoff is great so it seems reasonable that the effort required will also be great. This is predominantly in the early stages and as time goes on it does become easier and more natural. A good start is to limit the rubbish being thrown at you by those who are addicted to bad news. This will mean shutting down a lot of Facebook and definitely not watching the news on TV or reading the papers. Become the observer and recognise why these sources feed on the negative addictions then you can put them to one side. Definitely don’t get involved in sharing posts which propagate hate, fear and political propaganda otherwise you are part of the problem not the solution.
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Week 8 -Thoughts

I am getting very conscious of each and every thought I’m having as that is the nature of this course. This is a great experience as I have been living from day to day with limited conscious input until recently.

Time is slowing down and I seem to have more of it, that can only be a good thing, and things are getting done where before they were get left for later. This is making a difference to how much time I spend on the business and I have still identified more improvements that can be made.

Controlling my thoughts is raising my expectations as my positivity is lifted. I feel love and positivity everywhere and this is probably the most rewarding feeling that I can have. It seems that people keep trying to knock me but I’m able to forgive them and keep my positive mind going even stronger after every attempt to derail it. This was the biggest challenge to begin with but now by substituting negative thoughts for positives before they take hold is just what I do and its part of me. Forgiving others is a gift to myself not them and I love gifts!

It has been a busy week already and I look forward to more of the same.

I greet each day with love in my heart.


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Week 7 – Visualisation

This week our meditation has moved on to visualising our future selves. I have gained a lot from this as I was having difficulty understanding the future me and how he is going to be.

I have chosen to be sitting in a garden which I know well with a good friend. We are discussing life at that place and time. After only 3 meditations on this I have formed a good picture and the discussion we are having is of great value to me as I can relate the future me now and I’m happy to report that I like him, he is a good man with a giving spirit. My friend is in a happy place but we are working on what he sees as his next steps in life. This is allowing me to share my story and relate it to him.

It is understood that we are the creation of our past thoughts and our present has been created in our minds first. We have chosen our associations, aspirations, expectations, etc. Maybe they have gradually moved us towards the path we are on or have allowed others to push us in a direction that we would otherwise not have chosen. By accepting this we have to accept responsibility for the good as well as the bad but by accepting this we give ourselves the power to change. Once we have the power to change it is up to us how we use it or whether we use it or just drift wherever others would like us to go.

Now I am beginning to know the future me and liking him I will no longer suffer the frustration that having a lack of direction brings. I am finding that I am procrastinating less and just getting on with making the future become reality. The more I get to know the future me the more I want to be him and do the work that will get me there. This is making a big difference to my business and I know it can be adopted by anyone reading this post as I have simply followed the directions given in the Master Keys book and applied them with the help of our mastermind alliance.

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Week 6 – Meditation

Being new to meditation I have found the nightly exercise in The Master Key book to be very challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Basically the book is split into 24 chapters which are to be read as a chapter each week. Each day you are instructed to read the same chapter for the entire week so it gets repetitive and that is where the magic happens as the words gain meaning with each repeat and by the end of the week you feel you have extracted all there is from the chapter before you move onto the next.

Each chapter has instructions for the daily meditation or sit as we are calling it. Week one we just did a sit of about 15 minutes and it has progressed through to us now sitting, relaxing, clearing our minds and studying a picture. The picture is to be looked at for around 10 minutes and every detail in the picture is to be looked at and remembered. We then close our eyes and recreate the picture in our mind in as much detail as we can.

We have worked gradually up to this stage and next week we will take it a step further, which I am greatly looking forward to!

The message within this chapter is that with a magnifying glass we can focus the suns rays and if we hold them still in one place we can create a great amount of heat. Whereas if we scatter the rays out of focus and not held in one spot we create very little.

Taking this point we can imagine that our thoughts are readily scattered and achieve very little if we allow this to happen. We are practicing the art of holding our thoughts and blocking the distractions. Sounds easy at first but just try it yourself and see how many things enter your head when you are just looking at a picture for 10 minutes, then try to recreate that picture and focus on that for 15 minutes and think of nothing else.

Thankfully we are finding that our minds are like the rest of our body in that if we train them, as we might our muscles, then what at first we find difficult becomes easier with practice. With repeated exercise I found that I could run a marathon with a body that at first could barely run to end of the road. My mind is gaining strength and discipline with the exercise that I am putting it through, I can barely imagine what I might be able to achieve after 24 weeks of nightly practice but it will be amazing when I find out!

Give it a try yourself and please leave me a comment below with your experience.

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